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Frozen pipes are a huge problem to deal with. There’s a high risk of frozen pipes as soon as the winter approaches.
Still wondering how to deal with frozen pipe repair?

Prevention is better than Cure

Try to prevent your pipes from being frozen in the first place. Even if you already have one that’s frozen, try saving the others from the same fate by practicing some of the good prevention practices.

Leave the cabinet doors open under the sinks as well as doors of the bathroom. This will allow the warm air to circulate through your home better.

Use foam insulators as insulators. Foam insulation can be bought at the local hardware store in a cheap price. These foam products can be wrapped around the exposed pipes to keep them warm. It’s like a blanket covering for your pipes!

Keep your house warm is very much essential. Whether you’re on vacation or just trying to save money, keep your home temperature above 50°F. It might feel like a waste to keep your home warm while you’re away, but it’s an even bigger waste having to clean up burst pipes or even replacing them with newer ones.

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If you can tell some of your pipes have frozen because of problems with running water, it’s not too late. Properly thawing out frozen pipes prevents them from bursting. Here are some ways you can thaw out your frozen pipes:

Hot towels: Getting some towels wet with hot water and then wrapping them around frozen pipes will work wonders.

Space heater: If you’d rather not sit around watching your pipes thaw, turning on a space heater beside them and see if it’s working well. Just remember to turn on oscillate so that the hot air spreads evenly and don’t overheat a particular part of the pipe.


If you are experiencing burst with your frozen pipes, it’s high time you should call the plumber. Thawing will not help a burst. The pipe either needs to be repaired or immediately replaced.

At first, turn off your water mains to prevent flooding. The last thing you need is thousands of dollars in case of flood damage. Once your water is off, give us a call at 141 Restorations.

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