Leaking Pipes


Leaking Pipes Repair

It’s very important that you maintain the pipes in good condition. It’s easy for leaky pipes to go unnoticed if not inspected regularly enough, and failure to resolve this problem quickly can have a number of serious consequences. The pipes need to be checked very carefully for signs of moisture; just because there isn’t a pool of water on the floor doesn’t mean you don’t have leaky pipes! 141 Restorations has been protecting households in the USA against leaky pipes for years, and is capable of providing an affordable solution no matter how serious the problem may arise.

Signs That You Have Leaky Pipes

What many USA homeowners don’t realize is that minor water damage can quickly escalate and cause a number of other problems if not dealt with straight away. Some of the tops signs that you have leaky pipes problems include:

The USA based homeowners don’t realize that even minor water damage can quickly escalate and can cause huge problem for other problems if not dealt straightaway. Some of the top signs that you have leaky pipes problems include:

Water Stains – The most obvious sign that you have leaky pipes comes in the form of water stains either along pipes walls or the floor.

Mold & Mildew – Mold and mildew thrive in moist, enclosed areas and can cause a range of health related problems for people at home including headaches, difficulty breathing and irritation of the skin.

Musty Smell – If you notice your pipes are you hit with a musty smell, then it’s been affected by excess moisture.

Efflorescence – If your pipes look as though they have been painted with a white ash type substance, you have moisture problems, as these are salt deposits that were left behind when the water inside your pipes evaporated.

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