Plumbing Repairs

Commercial Plumbing Repair

Modern homes can’t function without a steady supply of water. At 141 Restorations we love water, whether it’s being used for washing, or helping to heat a house.
That is the reason why we prioritize our plumbing services as high as possible; because a functional home is one that gets to take full advantage of running water.
We offer a wide range of plumbing related services that we couldn’t possibly hope to list them all here, but we will try to accommodate a few of them.

Water Filtration

What is the better way to enjoy hot and cold water of the highest quality other than having your own water filtration system? Safe water is beneficial for health.

Leaky Pipe Repairs

They can be the bane of any home, especially if you’ve over-tightened the bolt and currently facing a gushing pipe. We can take care of all your repairs, no matter what the situation arises.

Pipe Relining

This is a great way to reduce your spending and still enjoy full water functionality.

We are the most reliable and handy as compare to most of the professional plumber services in the US. We ratify the fact that you might already have some plumbing issues.

Unblocking Drains

Hair, dirt, and waste materials are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to blocked pipes, but at 141 Restoration, you can rely on us to help, whatever might be causing your blockage!

Repairing Leaking Taps

Tap. Tap. Tap. Just the sound of water dripping in your sink can be incredibly annoying – so why put up with it? We can visit your home, take care of the repair and get things back on track in no time.

Toilet and Bathtub Repairs

We also offer emergency services, which are a great way to make sure that your requirements are examined by an expert as quickly as possible.

Even the smallest leak of toilet and bathtubs can do untold amounts of damage, so why put your home at risk when we are just a phone call away? Get in touch with 141 Restorations today to learn more, or to hire our extensive range of plumbing services!