Burst Pipes


Burst Pipe Repair Services

Harsh, fluctuating temperatures and old age can cause pipes to break or burst in an instant. It is important to ensure that all pipes are well wrapped and shielded. Look for repairs of leaks (if any) before they become serious. Our expert technicians will assist you to ensure your home's pipelines are in good condition and well insulated. If you notice a break or burst, call our well-trained staff to resolve the issue quickly.

What to Do If case Your Pipes Burst

  • When a pipe bursts occurs, first shut down your home’s main water supply. This will help in keeping the water damage to the minimum.
  • It is also advised to shut off the electricity as well.
  • Remove water from the affected area using towels, buckets, mops, or even a wet/dry vacuum.
  • Remove important valuable items from the affected area in order to keep them from being damaged and lost.

Reach us immediately for quick and efficient repairs on your broken or burst pipe

In order to save yourself from huge financial costs such as high water bill and personal items being damaged due to burst or broken pipe. Please call our skilled and licensed technicians at 141 Restorations for any repairs that are needed and we ensure to get it done at a very reasonable cost.

  • What makes a pipe burst?
  • Old pipes and plumbing
  • Underground damage
  • Cold weather

We are the most reliable and handy as compare to most of the professional plumber services in the US. We ratify the fact that you might already have some plumbing issues.

Old Pipes & Plumbing

Age can cause pipes to burst or break. Old homes and plumbing systems are worn down and rust comes in over time. Hot water supply pipes erode away quickly. Old plumbing that has been installed with lower quality standards might also give way.

Underground Damage

Pipes that run below the ground in your yard can cause damage that you can’t see. Plants and trees with long roots move pipes when they grow, putting the pipes under stress and causing them to break or burst. Construction work or digging in your yard can also burst underground pipes and can incur an additional burden of cost.

Cold Weather

When temperatures drop low during the winter, pipes often freeze, and this can result in a broken or burst pipe. Under-insulated pipes can freeze and break due to the expansion of ice in the pipe. This causes major damage to a home and its belongings. Millions of families each year will need to have repairs completed to their home because of a broken pipe caused by frigid winter temperatures.

Maintenance Is Key!

Regular maintenance and inspection of pipes and fixtures inside as well as outside the home by a professional can help prevent the possibility of broken and burst pipes. Our technicians at 141 Restorations will ensure that all insulation is done and maintained as it should be for each pipeline inside and out and that any repairs that are required are made. These inspections should be conducted between spring and before the winter rains hit.