Storm Damage

Storm Damage Restoration Services

Weather patterns are influenced by the heat energy from warm seas and hot, humid air around the equator are often categorized as tropical systems. Many types of tropical weather, such as tropical storms, and El Niño cycles, can have severe damages on your home. No matter how uncertain the situation arises, 141 Restorations is here for you with the accurate guidance and the support you need throughout the restoration process in order to get your life back on track.

Disasters you may face:

  • Tropical storms
  • Derecho Storms
  • Risk of wind & flood damage
  • Hail Storms
  • Winds at or above 74 mph
  • Potential for significant wind & flood damage
  • Snow Storms
  • El Nino
  • Tropical cyclones like Hurricanes
  • Greatly influences weather patterns in the U.S.
  • Suppresses storms development
  • High winds above 300 mph
  • Heavy periods of rain can lead to flash flooding

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Preparing for storms & tropical storm damage

At 141 Restorations, we carefully monitor every tropical disturbance, analysing thousands of data points in order to track development and potential landfall, in order to estimate the possible damage, and to calculate pre-position resources to respond to your needs. Whether your home experiences torrential rains or wind damage from storms-force winds, we have the expertise, the required equipment and the commitment to bring calm to the chaos.

When the storm passes away, the experts at 141 Restorations, a storm damage company have you covered with a comprehensive range of water damage services. Let us tackle your home's storms damage and repairs so you can get your life back to normal as soon as possible.