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Fire Damage Content Restoration Services

Fire damage restoration is an important aspect for every single individual affected by fires in the USA. Fire incidents can be very devastating and its effects are more traumatizing. The process of Fire damage restoration can be speeded up by engaging experienced professionals for the job.

Immediate attention to fire damage is necessary because, if not attended immediately, it can cause permanent damage to building structures, fixings and its content. Smoke can damage exteriors and paint permanently. Plastic goods can be discoloured and fittings made from metals can be attacked by corrosive contaminants. All damages are complementary and inter-related to each other.

Content Cleanup

141 Restorations in USA are certified professionals in fire damage restoration.
Firstly, we inspect the building in order to determine the extent of the damage and decide on the scope needed for restoration, cleaning and repair. We then initiate the restoration process and make sure that no further damage is caused. With our rich experience, we can understand how different materials behave with respect to fire.

We also determine the right method for content cleaning services of the damaged area, and ensure that the areas that were not affected by the fire are protected and make a list of materials that may need to be replaced.

The process for post fire restoration involves property stabilizing, removal of contents from the fire site, cleaning the entire area and reinstating items, including floors and walls and removing smoke odors.

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