Frozen Pipe Repair Kansas

Frozen Pipe repair is a solution that enables services to be isolated in scenarios where typical isolation cannot be achieved.
Be that through deteriorating instances, or in situations where entire services cannot be shut down and valves need to be cut into sections of pipework.

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How Do Frozen Pipe services works?

Frozen Pipes work by surrounding an exposed pipe with a solution that freezes the liquid within the pipe to a point where it can no longer pass through. ‘Liquid nitrogen’, a (chemically) harmless liquid that has a boiling point of -196 degrees Celsius (-321 degrees Fahrenheit).

It does not contain any chemicals, but it will burn you if it comes in direct contact.
When the liquid inside the pipe is surrounded by the liquid nitrogen, it begins to freeze until it becomes frozen solid. Once the liquid is frozen, the downstream direction of the pipe can be opened and work can be carried out.
A trusted and qualified plumbing professional is always important when it comes to skilled workers; however, when it comes to pipe freezing, the stakes are extremely high.
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In all our time of pipe freezing, we have never unfolded a serious situation once.